A Deeper Look into Rental Property Maintenance in New Orleans, Louisiana and Who Pays for It?

A Deeper Look into Rental Property Maintenance in New Orleans, Louisiana and Who Pays for It?

New Orleans is one of the best cities for investing in real estate thanks to affordable property prices, many market opportunities, and a favorable tax environment.

The city's many cultural attractions, activities, and good employment opportunities are also a huge drawcard for potential tenants. It's not all plain sailing for landlords who own New Orleans investment property, though.

Being a landlord involves a lot of hard work and planning, especially when it comes to keeping your property appealing to tenants.

Read on to explore the ins and outs of property maintenance for New Orleans landlords.

Key Aspects of Property Maintenance

In New Orleans, landlords are legally obliged to carry out all necessary repairs and maintenance to keep their properties habitable and safe. The best way to do this is by setting up a routine maintenance schedule for each property you own.

These tasks include inspections for:

  • Roof condition
  • Safety equipment operations
  • Pest invasions
  • Leaks
  • Electrical issues

Other routine tasks include changing the filters in your HVAC system, lawn care, and replacing the batteries in carbon monoxide monitors and smoke detectors.

Regular property inspections help you stay on track with these tasks and identify small maintenance issues and minor repairs before they become expensive replacements.

For instance, a leaking roof can result in the interior of your rental unit becoming flooded or lead to major structural repairs.

Who Pays for Property Maintenance?

When you hire a property manager, your fees cover a broad range of services to simplify your responsibilities as a landlord. Property management fees usually include property inspections and maintenance coordination.

They don't include maintenance and repair costs. The landlord is ultimately responsible for all the costs of keeping their investment property in good order.

An experienced property manager can save you money on repairs and maintenance thanks to their ongoing relationships with local contractors. Their prompt attention to maintenance issues helps ensure lease renewals and preserves the value of your property.

You can arrange for your tenants to take care of minor maintenance tasks, like changing HVAC filters or lawn care, provided you include this expectation in their lease. Otherwise, tenants aren't responsible for any of the costs related to property maintenance, apart from keeping the unit clean and tidy.

If you don't keep your rental property in a suitable condition, tenants can make any necessary repairs and deduct the cost from their rent. It's always best to manage repairs and maintenance yourself to ensure you get the best prices and workmanship.

Hite a Pro to Simplify Property Maintenance

Hiring a property management company relieves landlords of the arduous tasks associated with owning a rental property.

PMI New Orleans can help you keep your property maintenance tasks up-to-date thanks to stringent maintenance coordination practices. We are backed by a franchise with over 20 years of experience in the Louisiana real estate industry.

Our customers enjoy the latest technology to keep them updated on their properties' performance and expert service to ensure profitability.

Discover a new way to maximize property management in New Orleans today.