Why Owners of Vacation Homes Should Go with a Professional Property Manager?

Why Owners of Vacation Homes Should Go with a Professional Property Manager?

Did you know that approximately 31% of property managers in the US also handle maintenance services for their properties? This service can prove very useful to investment property owners.

When managing a rental property, the responsibilities can quickly pile up. This pile-up can make managing your investment property challenging.

After all, the demands of managing a rental property can be overwhelming, especially for "for rent by owner" properties. This is where the expertise of a professional property manager can make all the difference.

Are you curious to learn three reasons to hire a property management company in New Orleans? Keep reading to discover how expert property management can transform your rental property experience.

Access to a Wider Audience Through Marketing

One of the first reasons to hire a property management company for your "for rent by owner" property is the access you gain to a broader audience. An established property manager will have the knowledge and the connections to advertise your property on several platforms.

For instance, a property manager can cast a wider net by advertising on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Bookings.com. This wider net can attract potential renters who might not have seen the property if only advertised in one place.

They Handle Routine Maintenance

As a New Orleans vacation rental property owner, having a well-maintained property is vital for receiving good reviews. This is why hiring a property is recommended, as they handle the routine maintenance.

A property manager might handle routine maintenance tasks, including cleaning the property between guest stays. They're also responsible for keeping the rental well-stocked with items like:

Ensuring a clean and well-maintained short-term rental property is essential for maintaining a high-quality standard. This can also help you receive positive reviews from guests.

Ensuring the property is stocked with the necessary items means guests can feel comfortable and prepared during their stay.

  • Pro Tip: Add a cleaning fee to your vacation rental agreement so the associated costs are not for your account

You Can Invest in More Vacation Properties

If you are a successful owner, you may want to invest in more properties in New Orleans. However, managing multiple properties can be difficult, primarily if you handle all the tasks yourself.

A property management company can help you expand your investment property portfolio. This can significantly increase your earnings. It can also free up your time by taking care of:

  • Property maintenance
  • Advertising
  • Guest care

This way, you can focus on investing in more vacation homes. As a real estate investor, more properties means more income.

Maximizing Rental Income through "For Rent by Owner"

Hiring a property manager can be an excellent way to ensure your rental property is well-maintained, marketed to a broader audience, and profitable. If you're a busy "for rent by owner" property owner, a property manager can help relieve the stress of managing your rental property.

PMI New Orleans offers top-notch property management services. We're dedicated to maximizing owner profitability and preserving your real estate investments.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures real-time updates for owners and tenants, promoting transparency and satisfaction. Contact us today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with effective property management.