How Can You Have More Productive HOA Meetings?

How Can You Have More Productive HOA Meetings?

Did you know that over 65 million people live in communities with homeowners associations, or HOAs? HOAs are private associations overseen by a board of members. They are responsible for keeping communities clean and safe while increasing property values over time.

If you run HOA meetings in New Orleans, you may be wondering how to make them more productive. Here are some tips for getting the most benefits of an HOA meeting.

Find a Good Time and Place

Many HOA members have obligations like children and work. It is important to find a time and location that enables more people to attend.

You can send out a survey and schedule a meeting on a date that works for most people. Try to set the location somewhere close to or within your neighborhood for easy access as well.

Advertise Your Meetings

Get the word out before your meetings in HOA communities. You can post the details on a property management website or send out an email. Flyers in local community spaces are also a great way to attract new members to HOA meetings.

Offer Accommodations

Ask people in your HOA communities what is holding them back from attending meetings. For instance, childcare might be a barrier. In this case, it may be worth it to hire childcare for a couple of hours during the meeting.

Other incentives, such as food and drinks, may draw in more people to learn about the benefits of an HOA. In addition, people living in an HOA can focus more on the meeting if they do not have to focus on childcare.

Streamline Your Meetings

Time is valuable, especially to HOA management. Make sure to streamline your meetings and get down to business when the time comes. Move through the agenda and limit small talk or tangential conversation.

Send the Agenda Beforehand

HOA management should send out the meeting agenda in advance of the gathering. This will ensure all members know what is going to be discussed, and they can plan accordingly.

One of the benefits of an HOA is that residents can petition decisions or make changes together. HOA members will feel more empowered knowing what is going to take place before the meeting begins.

Open the Floor to Residents

Set aside time at the end of your HOA meeting for residents to bring up issues. You can discuss the issues during the meeting or make a note to add them to the agenda for the following meeting.

Giving residents a chance to speak to HOA management makes them feel valued, and will also encourage them to attend more HOA meetings in the future.

Take Your HOA Meetings to the Next Level

If your HOA meetings don't seem to be productive, you should not have to worry. With this guide, you can improve your HOA discussions and elevate HOA communities in the process.

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