4 Steps to Successful Tenant Screening in New Orleans, Louisiana

4 Steps to Successful Tenant Screening in New Orleans, Louisiana

The methods by which some people pick their tenants can be puzzling when there are so many great residents available in the New Orleans area. One of the ways people end up with poor occupants is due to having a problematic tenant screening process. Were you aware there was a "right" way to do this?

The below four steps should help you learn how to screen tenants and handle almost any issue that might come up. You can then use these strategies to find the perfect tenants every time you search.

1. Establish Clear Tenant Screening Criteria

One of your first steps in tenant screening needs to be to ensure you know what your standards are. Develop a detailed set of requirements you want to compare potential residents to.

When you advertise, make sure you communicate these criteria. This can help you set transparent expectations and prevent you from wasting your time. Ensure any criteria you set do not breach fair housing laws, though, as this could cause problems later if they do.

2. Conduct a Thorough Tenant Background Check

When someone applies to live in your property, try to get tenant consent to background checks. This means you can use reputable background check services to investigate who they are by digging into their history.

One thing you might want to look into is whether they have had previous issues or disputes related to flood damage claims. While many people may have legitimate problems, repeat claimants are known to exist who take advantage of the issue.

You will also want to verify the person's information related to financial stability or legal problems. Although past issues may not always relate to their current situation, it is important to check if they will be able to afford rent.

3. Confirm the Tenant's Landlord History and Other References

Consult previous landlords to learn more about the tenant's past behavior. If they have missed payments in the past, find out if it was a one-off incident or repeat behavior.

Also, consult with any other references they provide. These may include previous workplaces or peers, each of whom can offer valuable insights.

4. Ensure Compliance With New Orleans Tenant-Landlord Laws

Try to stay informed about the latest changes in tenant-landlord regulations. These include the tenant's rights related to background checks and screening questions.

You may want to consult with a legal expert or property manager before you ask questions, though, to ensure your inquiries do not cause problems. They can also help you understand how to avoid accidental discrimination against a protected class.

Help With Tenant Screening

Embarking on the tenant screening process does not need to be difficult. With the help of an expert property manager, you can have everything you need to handle any logistical or legal issues you might uncover.

By working with PMI New Orleans, you can get someone to take such a hard job off your hands. This leaves you free to investigate improving your portfolio and resolving other tasks instead.

So, send us a message today to book an appointment and discover how we can give you the peace of mind you deserve.